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Jewelry Made of Sustainable Gems at the Highest Quality 

About Moissanites

At PERPETUA we are aware of the value of every gem having a serious and independent evaluation. For this reason, our gems have been subjected to a rigorous evaluation process by laboratories that adhere to the highest standards for gemological certification. The report number of each gem is laser engraved and can be tracked on the internet.

Certificado Moissanita

All PERPETUA pieces are protected by a limited warranty of up to one year against manufacturing defects in the settings, as well as in the optical qualities of the gem.

Empaque. Caja Perpetua Forever Radiant.

We can start the production of your piece with an advance of 25%. The rest you only need to settle once your personalized ring is in its box and ready to be delivered.

Online Shopping
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What is the difference between diamond and moissanite? How can I request a quote? Do you ship to the whole country?

Discover the answers to these and other questions in this section.

Also, remember that we are here to support you and we will be very happy to answer any other questions you may have. Get in touch with us by clicking here.

About Moissanites
About Lab diamonds
Ring Sizes
Ordering process

Let’s Create Your Custom Design Together

Imagine a PERPETUA design piece depending entirely on your preferences: gem size, setting metal, design, value. ​
Send us a message and an advisor will get back to you shortly!

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