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From vision to mission

Read here the PERPETUA Love story

(Love) Story


We are a Hungarian-Mexican couple that has been together for 11 years and counting.

On the journey of creating our engagement ring we were looking for something ecological, ethical, fairly priced, beautiful and durable.

Unfortunately, we did not find such a piece,  but we found something better: we found our passion for jewelry and gemology. And more importantly, we took on the challenge of filling this gap so we can offer other people like us, the opportunity to build a piece that is congruent with our convictions. We made the decision to share the  knowledge we gathered to support others on the ethical jewelry market with ultra-fine craftsmanship and fair prices.

Ever since, our team has grown to become a multidisciplinary group that strives to provide not only uniquely beautiful pieces of jewelry, but also to offer an excellent service.


We understand you are new to this, and we understand that you are buying a piece that will seal the most important commitment of your life. For us, you are not just another customer, because we have been in your shoes.

Let us guide your steps!

Thank you!

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