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Pricing Policy


1. The prices are the ones published on the website and are valid since the moment of their publication.


2. Prices on the PERPETUA Europa website include VAT.


3. Perpetua reserves the right to refuse any order that has been processed under a clearly erroneous price due to a system malfunction. In such event, the order will be cancelled and any payments made will be reversed to the client using the same payment method.


4. PERPETUA Europa reserves the right to change the prices on the website at any time without notice.


5. No hidden charges - You customize your item by selecting all variables on your own. We do not add extra costs to our product price.  You only pay for the value of what you purchase.


6. Advantage of operating online - Allows to save expenses of facilities, its maintenance and employment that would be needed for a physical shop, which would otherwise reflect on the final price of the products.


7. Long-term cooperation with reliable suppliers - Discovering best sources for materials and maintaining healthy relationships with suppliers allow us to save on the costs needed for production which results in a reasonable final product price. Already established long-term links with reliable sources for finest quality raw materials allows us to offer one of the best price in the market today.


8. Since we manufacture every order from scratch as per your preference and customization, except for the Express Delivery items and loose stones on stock, it results in wise utilization of materials and we save on storage costs as we don’t work with stocks. We are able to offer the best deal for the budget, in addition providing the metal, stone, karat, size and other options.

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