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MARQUESA 0.3ct Moissanite 14K Yellow Gold Eternity Band

MARQUESA 0.3ct Moissanite 14K Yellow Gold Eternity Band


Marquesa PERPETUA honors our excellence in craftsmanship by combining two different moissanite cuts in one ring.

The marquise-cut stones are positioned at a 45º incline, giving room for the round-cut stones to complement the look with their unparalleled brilliance. It is a refined eternity band, discreet but at the same time full of surprises.


Available for Express Delivery: 0.3ct Moissanite in 14K Yellow Gold.

  • Free shipping within the EU

    Shipping is free of charge to all European Union countries. 

    The item will be shipped the business day after your purchase, unless you require a size adjustment and/or internal engraving, in which case the shipment will be made within a maximum of 2 weeks after your purchase.

    The package will be delivered to your address by one of our shipping partners and you will be notified of the details upfront by phone or email, as per your request.

  • Guarantee

    PERPETUA Europa offers a Lifetime warranty on your Moissanite or Lab-Grown Diamond and Two years' warranty from date of delivery against defects in materials and craftsmanship on all settings.

    For more information to your made-to-order piece please visit our warranty and withdraw policy pages.

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