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Round Brilliant Cut Lab-Grown Diamond 1.08ct, Color D, VVS2, Ideal Cut

Round Brilliant Cut Lab-Grown Diamond 1.08ct, Color D, VVS2, Ideal Cut


Lab-grown diamonds are ethical and ecological! 


This diamond has a VVS2 clarity, meaning that it is Very, Very Slightly Included. It's one of the higehest purity grades and you can rest assured it will be completely clean to the eye.


In addition, this diamond is color D, which is the purest, most colorless stone we can aspire to. There is nothing above it!


Lastly, this diamond has an Ideal Cut, which is the highest possible grade and because of our master selection, ensures you will have maximum brilliance.


IGI Certified: LG490188233


    Carat: 1.08ct

    Color: D

    Clarity: VVS2

    Cut: Ideal

    Symmetry: Excellent

    Polish: Excellent

    Fluorescence: No fluorescence

    Hardness: 10 Mohs 

    Refraction: 2.42

    IGI Certificate: LG490188233

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  • Guarantee

    PERPETUA Europa offers a Lifetime warranty on your Moissanite or Lab-Grown Diamond and Two years' warranty from date of delivery against defects in materials and craftsmanship on all settings.

    For more information to your made-to-order piece please visit our warranty and withdraw policy pages.

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