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PERPETUA te ofrece la selección más exclusiva de diamantes y moissanitas en el mercado. Todas las gemas PERPETUA han sido minuciosamente seleccionadas para cumplir con los más altos estándares de belleza y durabilidad. Por eso, nuestras piedras figuran en la cúspide de las escalas de las cuatro "C": Color, Claridad, Corte y Quilate (Carat, en inglés). Únicamente manejamos gemas de color D, E, F y G, claridad IF-VS2 y corte excelente.


The best quality stones are colorless, while lower quality stones have a perceptible color, usually seen as light yellow or brown. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) classifies the color of diamonds on a scale from D (colorless) to Z (brown or light yellow).

PERPETUA only handles gems only in the top 4 colors: D, E, F and G.

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The clarity of a gemstone is the evaluation of small imperfections on the surface and within the stone. Many of these imperfections are only microscopic and do not affect the beauty of the gemstone. Gems with few or the smallest inclusions have the highest clarity grades and also greater value.


The craftsmanship used to cut the gemstone will be the main factor in defining its brilliance and those sparkles known as "fire". A poor cut can make even the purest stone dull and lifeless. That is why PERPETUA only selects gems that meet the highest cutting standards, with Ideal or Excellent cut grade.


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