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Moissanite and Lab-grown Diamond

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Engagement Rings

When you buy a PERPETUA ring, you are getting a ring of the best quality, since we meticulously select our gems to ensure the greatest brilliance and those sparkles that will impress anyone. In addition, we place special emphasis on the making of our pieces, working precious metals with the most advanced techniques and delivering true pieces of fine jewelry.

Wedding Bands

Whether for your wedding ring, or for glamour, a wedding band or eternity ring is the perfect complement to an engagement ring.

Entrega Exprés Impetu Perpetua, anillo de compromiso, moissanita corte redondo brillante

Express Delivery Items

Because we know that some things cannot wait, we offer you the following parts for express delivery. Same quality, same attention, guarantee and certificate. Delivery from one to two weeks.

Everyday Accessories

The perfect accessories for the day. Once on, you will never want to take them off! In a virtuoso combination, our designers create pieces that maximize the brilliance of a moissanite, while our jewelers apply all their skill to deliver a piece of fine jewelry that will convey that sense of exclusivity that distinguishes our pieces.

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Lab-Grown Diamonds

When technology and nature come together, they achieve extraordinary things. Lab-grown diamonds are chemically, physically, and optically identical to natural diamonds, but because they are created in the lab, they are not saddled with such social and environmental impacts. They are true, ecological, eternal and conflict-free diamonds.

Loose Moissanites

What if there was a gem brighter than the diamond? Moissanite was introduced to this planet by a meteorite, and its qualities are revolutionizing the jewelry industry, as it is a gem of great beauty and durability. It is not known as "Stardust" for nothing.

Let’s Create Your Custom Design Together

Imagine a PERPETUA design piece depending entirely on your preferences: gem size, setting metal, design, value. ​
Send us a message and an advisor will get back to you shortly!

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