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Lab-grown Diamond

Sustainable alternative to natural diamonds 

Just like a diamond extracted from a mine, a Lab-Grown Diamond is composed of 100% crystallized carbon, giving it exactly the same qualities as a natural one. By being created in a laboratory under controlled conditions of temperature and pressure, these diamonds can achieve excellent purity grades in both color and clarity, resulting in enhanced beauty and value. In addition, because they are not subject to a mining process, Lab-Grown Diamonds are environmentally friendly and socially responsible. No social conflict has ever been financed with Lab-Grown Diamonds!


Value for your money:

Lab diamonds trade at 30-40% less than natural diamonds. This is because the mining and marketing of natural diamonds is controlled by a handful of companies that limit their annual supply, keeping their price artificially high. The production and marketing of Lab Diamonds is not controlled by these companies, so you pay a fair price for your stone.


At PERPETUA, we expertly select Lab Diamonds to deliver those stones that achieve the highest standards of beauty and durability. Click here to learn more about the PERPETUA quality. In addition, all of our Lab-Grown Diamonds have been graded by the International Gemological Institute (IGI), making your purchase the best possible value. Click here to learn more about the certificates.

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