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Our products are created using carefully selected gemstones, as well as state of the art craftsmanship. However, we understand that issues may arise at some point, and that is why we stand behind our products and put your peace of mind in our heart with the following warranty:​

  • Lifetime warranty on your Moissanite or Lab-Grown Diamond.​

  • This includes: Optical properties of the stone, including brilliance, fire and color as well as physical integrity of the gemstone under normal use.​

  • Two years' warranty from date of delivery against defects in materials and craftsmanship on all ring settings.

  • This includes manufacturing defects in PERPETUA settings, such as polish, finishing and gem mounting.

  • PERPETUA will assume the cost of repair and/or replacement of any part due to defects in material or production.

  • In those cases where a replacement of the piece is necessary, PERPETUA commits to replace it with a piece of equivalent or greater value than the original one.

  • PERPETUA commits to resolve any warranty claim within a period of no more than thirty (30) calendar days from the date of evaluation of the defect in question, unless otherwise notified to the customer.

  • PERPETUA reserves the right to evaluate any part that is subject to a warranty claim in order to assess its validity. This evaluation must be carried out within a maximum period of five (5) working days after receiving the piece under warranty.

  • The customer shall cover any shipping costs that may arise from a repair and/or replacement process under warranty.

  • All damage caused by misuse or neglect of the part is excluded from the effects of this warranty.

  • Any work carried out by third parties on a PERPETUA piece automatically invalidates the effects of this warranty.


  • Fine jewelry is delicate! Wear marks, scratches, dents, and other sorts of normal deterioration of the piece due to regular use are not covered by this warranty.

  • The warranty is not effective in the event of theft or loss of the piece.


For more details about our warranty, please click here.

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